What is oxygen therapy

What is oxygen therapy?

It’s nothing else than treatment by using pure oxygen. Oxygen therapy is gaining immense popularity all over the world. Imagine that in our body there are about 70 billion cells that feed on oxygen, of course everything by means of blood. When there is no oxygen, many die, and chronic hypoxia occurs which is associated with worse vitality, lower efficiency, reduced immunity, and diseases, primarily respiratory and cardiovascular. Unfortunately due to environmental pollution or stress, more and more people suffer from hypoxia.

That is why, for many years in the United States and Japan the so-called oxygen bars are successfully functioning, where you sit in a comfortable armchair and put a disposable mask on your face. Oxygen is generated by special equipment, applying ionized air through the mask. Oxygen therapy is recommended for busy people, people over the age of 30, drivers, travelers, chronically ill, partygoers and athletes.